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Student Highlights @ Temple College Prep

<empty>The Program:
Our world is constantly changing. This can be attributed to innovations in computer technology, creative design and advances in engineering. Today's high school student needs to acquire design, engineering or computer technology skills in order to compete in the global market place.

The Technology Electives program at Temple College Prep provides a number of opportunities for students to get hands-on experience, which includes being a part of a student team. Students gain experience with all phases of the design, build and test project cycle.


Student Project: Architectural Design

The Experience:
To provide practical hands-on interdisciplinary experience for students through the design and development of exciting projects that are part of their overall academic preparation.



  • Project 1: Xbox Components Analysis
  • Project 2: Contemporary Catholic Church
  • Project 3: Futuristic Solar House


Project 1: Xbox Components Analysis
Project 2: Contemporary Catholic Church
Project 2: Contemporary Catholic Church
Project 3: Futuristic Solar House
Project 3: Futuristic Solar House
Project 3: “Futuristic Solar House”




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