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Tempette Learning Academy is now Temple College Prep

Temple College Preparatory Christian SchoolWe are making this change to more clearly identify our ultimate goal and purpose in the field of education for our students. We measure our success at "Temple Prep," by our ability to prepare and guide our graduates to institutes of higher learning. We believe that the best way for our students to be assured of having a competitive advantage in our society is to instill in them the need for a college education. We also believe that there must be a strategy in place at the high school level to seamlessly migrate them into the college environment.

We have experienced phenomenal success with our past graduates entering into college. Our students have demonstrated an ability to pass college entrance exams, received application approvals and financial assistance for college tuition. Our goal is to continue this mission and expand our curriculum to ensure its success.

We are currently partnering with Edward Waters College (EWC) and Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) in developing opportunities for internship programs and one-on-one tutoring. We are presently approved for participation in the “Dual Enrollment” program at FSCJ, where our students can complete college course credit while still enrolled in high school.

DocumentOur Mission

Our mission is to help each student succeed academically by providing degreed teachers, using best teaching practices, coordinated supportive social services and a positive productive educational environment.



Vision Statement

"Preparing Today's Student for College and Life."



Educational Philosophy

The Temple College Preparatory School is a non-profit, faith based, Christian private school. TCP’s educational philosophy is that no child should be denied the rights of a good education, regardless of their academic gifting, learning deficiencies, physical disabilities, academic inabilities or economic status. TCP is setting the precedent that everyone is capable of learning.

Our goal is to improve the graduation percentage rate of students in Duval County, change the educational learning environment for students, energizing them to want to learn and enhance their learning capabilities and skills, in order to prepare them for life and success in the global market place.


Temple College Prep is a Green School

TCP is a Green SchoolStudents, faculty and parents give recyclable items to the school year round. TCP in-house refuse materials, paper wrappers, aluminum cans, etc., are recycled as well. All of these items are forwarded to the various recycling companies. Over 10,000 items are recycled from the school annually.

This program is our way of introducing the importance of “going green” to the school and community. Through this program TCP provides a opportunity for students and parents to learn the process of recycling and investigate the various ways of saving energy and reusing everyday consumer products.


TCP Curriculum Success Story

The Kindergarten thru 12th grade curriculum model used at Temple College Preparatory is designed to accommodate the diverse learning abilities of our students. Conventional curriculum models are static and rigid in nature and are structured with dedicated grouping categories that may frustrate the struggling student. When students are identified and placed in these designated groupings, they become tagged and typically, this follows them throughout their educational process.

Our model is dynamic in its structure. Instead of being stationary, it changes and adjusts to the need of the student. We test each student at entry, and then meet them where they are academically competent. A course path is then developed to advance them, in relation to their scholastic ability.

We have enjoyed several success stories with our students using this curriculum concept. One of our students was tested and found to be several levels below his assigned grade level. When he came to us, he struggled in areas of conduct and academia. He was placed in the class grouping that was compatible to his cognitive reasoning abilities. In the period of one school year, this student was scoring on the SAT 10 above his grade level.

In the seventh grade, his Reading Vocabulary results were rated at the eleventh grade level on the SAT 10. His Reading Comprehension results were rated at twelfth grade level. His math rated him at the eighth grade level. His science scores were "off the chart," rated as "Post High School" (PHS). All of these ratings were Standard Achievement Test 10 National Ranking Scores. There are several other TCP students that are experiencing the same kind of academic success. The Temple College Preparatory curriculum model allows the students and school to make annual yearly progress (AYP) in the area of student academic achievement.

Dr. Elmer C. Gregory, PhD. - Principal



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Dr. Elmer C. Gregory, principal, welcomes you to Temple College Prep. TCP offers a comprehensive education to children of all backgrounds. Click to view our video.

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Temple College Prep is a Green School

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