The NASA Connection at Temple College Prep

Temple College Prep: NASA Connection

Winston (Vince) Hoelscher, and Dr Elmer Gregory, principal, Temple College PrepWinston (Vince) Hoelscher was an engineer for NASA in the early 1960s' in Huntsville, Alabama. He was responsible for designing and developing several scientific instruments used for the space program. His designs were original and were eventually patented. Mr. Hoelscher is a licensed pilot, aerial photographer and business owner. He is credited with the design and patent for the aerial photography equipment that is used today for taking pictures from an airplane.

Being an aviator all his life, Vince has a love for flying. His passion is also to teach students aviation, computer technology, and life skills. After reading about our school on the Internet, Vince reached out to Dr. James Parris and asked if he could teach what he has learned over the years to Temple students. Dr. Parris was overwhelmingly excited.

Vince has been a blessing to our school in numerous ways. Driving from Palm Coast everyday did not matter to him. He wanted to impart some of what he knew to our students. He has taught them computer skills and life skills. Through Vince's connections with other aviators and organizations, Temple Prep has been blessed with an Advanced Mobile Flight Simulator and other technological equipment.

Thank you Vince.


















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