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Bishop James E. Parris, Jr., Ed.DIn 2012 God allowed me to meet an extraordinary young man. His name is Cedric Twillie. He is a minister, husband, father and friend to many. His story is exceptional in that he has voluntarily forsook the comforts of the United States, sold all of his possessions and moved his family to La Vega, Dominican Republic, his wife's home town, because of the tremendous need that he discovered.


His ministry is called Crucial World Changers (CWC) because Cedric realizes how crucial the work of God is in this hour. He also realizes the need for the knowledge of God all around the world. His ministry is focused in the Dominican Republic but, he travels extensively to preach God's word. His school is located in a very impoverished area, yet with the help of U.S. churches and ministries Crucial is making an impact in La Vega, Dominican Republic.

Temple College Preparatory School partnered with CWC in 2012. We provide financial, spiritual and technical support. Here is their story:

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