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In Loving Memory


Angela was the purest example of the woman described in Proverbs chapter 31. "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies...." When I met Angela in October of 1985 I knew I found a jewel. I had been praying for a wife for ten years. After only three weeks of courtship and hearing the voice of God I informed Angela that she was my wife. Angela refused to believe me. But after listening to the voice of God and remembering the prayers she prayed, for many years, concerning a husband she allowed me to date her. We fell deeply in love and after eight months of courtship Angela and I were married on July 6, 1985. We have been happy for 27 years.

When I married her I did not understand what God gave me. Over time God revealed to me the treasure He entrusted me with. Angela was humble, loving, kind, patient, forgiving, nurturing to all who met her. She had a spirit and a smile that would light up a room. Everyone that came in contact with her never forgot her. She had the ability to leave a lasting impression on people wherever she went. Angela could bring order out of chaos and bring sunshine to a cloudy day. She had the gift to say the right words at the right time. Angela was professional and spiritual and walked in both the business and religious worlds equally with confidence.

Angela was a friend to all and gave herself fully to whatever task was before her. She was a wonderful florist, exceptional choreographer, creative wedding planner, gifted event planner and meticulous church organizer. Angela was wise beyond her years.

She loved God with all of her heart and loved the Word of God down in her soul. She could preach a sermonette in the pulpit or at Walmart with the same passion and would do so quite often. She had a loving way of making you listen even when you did not want to. She was a God anointed singer, musician, passionate worshipper and would not rest until the spirit of God filled the church every Sunday through praise and worship.

I will miss our weekly Tuesday date night, our annual vacations together and annual trips out of town with our children. It did not matter if our trips were for a couple of days or a few dollars. It did not take much to make her happy. I am a better man because of her. For Angela brought out the best in me. I often said she was my guardian angel. She treated me like a king and reverenced me as the man of the house. She helped me see the best in people no matter who they were or what they had done. I am honored for having known her and thank God for entrusting me with her. I will forever love her. She was my best friend, counselor, lover, confidant, ardent supporter and biggest cheer leader. Angela is and will always be irreplaceable. The children and I will continue to move forward in the will of God for us. So will our church. Angela will be greatly missed by all. But, God loved her best....It was time for her to go home!

Bishop James E. Parris, Jr., RA, AIA, CGC, NCARB