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TCP Technology Mission

Our world is constantly changing. This can be attributed to innovations in computer technology, creative design and advances in engineering. Today's high school student needs to acquire design, engineering or computer technology skills in order to compete in the global market place.

The middle and high school years can make or break a child's future academic and career success. Dealing with multiple issues all at once—peer pressure, the changes that come with puberty, and perceived gender roles. The impersonal public school environment can be discouraging for many students and can throw even the most talented students off the college track. TCP's Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Curriculum is a program for talented, local middle and high school students that provides math and science enrichment at a critical juncture in their lives, improving their chances for achievement. The STEM Program especially encourages young people's interest in the technical fields.

TCP is offering high school electives in computer technology, architecture, industrial engineering, interior design, and building construction. Students engage in stimulating courses that develops their curiosity and understanding about their city, living environment and improves their analytical and critical-thinking skills.

These courses are designed to introduce students to the various technology and design disciplines that help to shape our world. TCP has found that students need to be introduced to these courses before they graduate high school. Knowledge of global energy conservation principles and understanding accepted sustainable design practices will help them compete on an international level. This will better prepare them for success in college or technical school.

Technology Curriculum

Technology Curriculum - Course Descriptions

Technology Electives Director

James E. Parris, Jr., RA, CGC

  • Ground Aviation Program
  • Architectural Design
  • Building Construction
  • Computer Technology
  • Engineering Disciplines
  • Oral & Visual Presentations
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Auto CAD
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design

Ground Aviation Program

Temple College Preparatory will be offering, as an elective, a Ground Aviation Program that will focus only the basics of preflight FAA rules and regulations. This course will further present survey knowledge of the following:

  • Procedures to preflight check a general aviation aircraft
  • Prepare and file a Flight Plan with Air Traffic Control
  • How to check weather conditions and what to look for to OK or Cancel a flight
  • Radio communication skills between the pilot and air traffic controller
  • Flight Line rules and regulations
  • Procedures to properly taxi an aircraft to the runway for takeoff
  • Familiarize the student with the interior of an aircraft and its instruments

This course will seek to provide a general survey overview of what it takes to comply with all the steps required to guide an aviator from the moment he/she enters an Air Operation Center to the point of receiving final clearance from the tower for takeoff.

Computer Technology

An introductory course of the various types of computers used in the world today such as hand helds, lap tops, and standard PC. Students will be instructed on how to install a standard home computer and connect a printer. They will also receive instruction for installing various type of software. The course will conclude with students learning how to navigate the various computer programs and how to set up a standard word document.

Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design)

An introductory course of the use of computers and how they are used to draw two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) images. Emphasis will be placed on students understanding basic Auto CAD terminology and operating skills. Basic floor plan and building elevation drawing will be introduced.

Architectural Design

An introductory course of interfacing two dimensional communication skills with three dimensional design thinking. Emphasis is on the awareness and understanding of the history of architecture and famous architects of each era. The course will conclude with the basic organization ideas in design, as how it relates to space manipulation and relationship of 2D elements. 3D models may also be introduced.

Engineering Disciplines

An introductory course of the four basic engineering disciplines – Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. Emphasis is on the role each discipline plays in the world today. The course will conclude with students research and understanding of each disciplines role in conserving energy for our planet.

Interior Design

An introductory course of colors, patterns, styles and textures that help to create our living environment. Emphasis will be placed on the interior designer’s role of creating comfortable, functional and safe interiors. The course will address the use of colors and various finishes and surfaces. The course concludes with research and understanding of space manipulation and sustainable design practices.

Building Construction

An introductory course of the principles and practices of the construction industry. Emphasis will be placed on research and understanding of the various types of building systems and construction methods. Construction accountability and professional practices will be addressed. Sustainable building material concepts and practices will also be discussed.

Oral and Visual Presentations

An introductory course of oral presentation skills and the use of visual media. Students will be taught how to present themselves professionally, proper speaking, diction, attire and professionalism. Emphasis will be placed on students understanding of Microsoft Powerpoint and its’s role in 3D presentations in the global market place.

Graphic Design

An introductory course that explores the various design mediums used for advertising and displays. Emphasis is on the process needed to create appealing and visual graphics that are both colorful and exciting.

Perspective Drawing

An introductory course of three dimensional drawing. The emphasis is on the process required to transform a two dimensional object, of any size, into a three dimensional object. The course will include how to develop a thumbnail sketch and perspective grid. Shading and shadowing principles will also be discussed.